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Barulho are a leading Brighton based Samba band. With a unique style and presence, we bring any event to life with our infectious rhythms, funky beats and spectacular performances.

Blending Afro-Cuban and South American roots with samba reggae, funk, hip hop and drum & bass, our passion for sound is guaranteed to get you dancing and lift your spirits.

From ‘Glamorous Cabaret’ perfect for weddings or formal events, to our ‘Festival Carnivalesque’ - we pride ourselves on creating visually stunning costumes which turn any gig into an extraordinary experience.

We’re high energy, but low maintenance. Fully acoustic, we can set up quickly for static or mobile events.

Mailing List
If you’d like to be kept updated on the dates of our open sessions, from which we sometimes recruit new members, or to hear about upcoming gigs, please join the website’s mailing list, or follow our Facebook or Twitter pages.

[slideshow and other photo credits: www.H-pinkness.com (glam band pics, freak show @ Meadowlands), Stephanie Maciuk (freak show @ Brighton Fringe), Graham Laurence (Burning of the Clocks skeletons & stripeyheads and many others), Tim Allan (Secret Garden and others).]

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  • “Another great performance from Barulho in the West End Festival opening parade and samba showcase. Thanks very much to all the boys and girls of Barulho for a very professional show - we hope you'll be back for many a year!”

    Michael Dale, Festival Director, Glasgow's West End Festival
  • “Fantastically funky!”

    Karen Poley , Zap Productions / National Street Arts Festival
  • “100% Brighton. No matter what your expectations Barulho always go one better! Innovative grooves made for dancing, and costumes you wish you'd thought of.”

    Doug Summers, SambaYaBamba and Bêbado, Glasgow